Dog Training

2024 Spring Class Schedule

 Puppy Start Right Class ($160 for 6-week session)
— For puppies 12 weeks to 5 months of age
— Lesson plans include safe socialization, management & prevention exercises, crate training, puppy mouthing, jumping, obedience foundation work, attention and focus, walking nicely on leash, body handling, and more!

Classes start Saturday, May 11 @ 11:00am     No puppies first class                   Click here to register for the Puppy Start Right Class

Reactive Dog Class ($185 for 6-week session)
— The goal of this class is to teach your dog to be calm and focused in the presence of other dogs.
— We will teach you management, handling and training techniques to reduce reactive behavior from your dog toward other dogs while on leash.
— Learn to discern dog body language, increase focus and how to replace negative behavior with positive associations.

Classes start Saturday, May 11 @ 3:00pm     No dogs first class                       Click here to register for the Reactive Dog Class

 Canine Social Skills—Level 1 ($160 for 6-week session)
— For dogs 5 months of age and older
— Lesson plans include sit, down, stay, come, leash walking, etc.
— Learn how to apply the basic skills to in-home and public situations
— Course includes relationship building, effective solutions to problem behaviors

Classes start Thursday, May 16 @ 6:30pm      No dogs first class                         Click here to register for the Thursday Class 

or Saturday, May 11 @ 12:00pm      No dogs first class                                            Click here to register for the Saturday Class

 Canine Social Skills—Level 2 ($160 for 6-week session)
— For dogs who have completed Canine Social Skills—Level 1
— Practice social skills in a controlled environment
— Build on the foundation skills learned in Level 1 and add distractions, distance, etc.
— Learn new skills

Classes start Saturday, May 11 @ 1:30pm     Bring dogs first week                   Click here to register for the Canine Social Skills Level 2 class

AKC CGC & CGC Community Canine and Beyond ($150 for 6-week session)
— This is a multi-purpose class proofing your dog in public areas and with distractions while preparing for the AKC CGC and AKC CGC Community Canine tests
— We will be working at the training center and off site locations.  This will be a great class to work on public behaviors with a training coach.
— Dogs must be over 6 months of age and have passed a Level 1 training class.

No classes offered at this time

Winter Boredom Class ($155 for 6-week session)
— For non-reactive dogs who have completed a Level 1 class
— Each week we will concentrate on 1 or 2 basic skills plus introduce dogs to a different sport; such as agility, rally, tricks, etc.

No classes offered at this time

AKC Fit Dog Level 2 Class ($160 for 6-week session)
— This class builds on the skills and concepts taught in Level 1 Basic Fitness & will continue learning new tricks that parallel the fitness exercises
— This class will continue to teach skills on the flat and with forelimbs elevated on balance equipment
— This class will also progress to rear limb targeting and performing exercises with rear limbs elevate on balance equipment

No classes offered at this time

Shel-Ray’s Rally Classes

To join the Shel-Ray Rally Facebook Group, click here.

Introduction to Rally ($120 for 6-week session)
–Rally is a fun way to build teamwork and strengthen the bond between you and your dog
–Rally can best be described as an obstacle course of obedience commands
–For non-reactive dogs who have completed a Level 1 Class

No classes offered at this time

Rally Obedience Intermediate ($140 for 6-week session)
— For owners who are interested in exploring the world of AKC Rally, focusing on all signs Novice through Advanced
— We will work on building teamwork and precision between dogs and handlers

Classes start Tuesday,  May 14 @ 6:30pm      Bring dogs to first class               Click here to register for the Rally Obedience Class


 Registration & Class Information

— Pre-registration and payment are required for each class.  To register and pay for class, please visit the Paws for Companions website.

— Once registration and payment have been received, you will receive an email from to confirm the class, retrieve client and pet information and provide class directions and information.

— Proof of Rabies, Distemper, Parvo, and Bordetella vaccines due upon registration.  Puppies under 4 months need proof of current puppy vaccinations. (Please email your pets records to pets@ or have your veterinarian fax the information to 262-857-6949.)

— No dogs for the 1st class unless informed otherwise, but please bring a picture of your dog and lots of questions!

— All classes: Minimum 3 dogs, Maximum 5 dogs – (dog maximum may vary per class)

— No refunds unless approved by instructor.  If you are unable to attend a class you registered for, class credit (to be used towards future class) will be provided if class is dropped prior to 2-Weeks before session start date.  If a class is dropped within 2-Weeks of session start date, payment for class is forfeit.

–We want you and your dog to be successful in your training.  Therefore, completion of a 6 or 8 week class does not guarantee that you will be automatically be advanced to the next level.  You and your dog may need to spend more time maturing physically and/or mentally or focusing on overcoming certain challenging areas before they are ready to advance.

Meet the Trainer

Deana Noonan, CPDT-KA, CGC Evaluator – Paws for Companions, Inc.

Deana has combined her life-long love for dogs with proven positive training techniques to create a training experience that both you and your dog will enjoy!

Certification, Associations and Education

Master Trainer Certification Program at the National School for K-9 Trainers in Ohio, 1986

CPDT-KA (Certified Professional Dog Trainer – Knowledge Assessed, 2012

AKC CGC Evaluator, 2015

Certified Professional Canine Fitness Trainer (CPCFT), 2017

Puppy Start Right Instructor

AKC Level 1 Fit Dog Instructor, 2020

Professional member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT)

Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers

Continuing education includes seminars, workshops and webinars on dog training techniques and behavioral issues with instructors including Patricia McConnell, Pat Miller, Sue Sternberg, Ian Dunbar, Clicker Expo and others.

Training Classes

Puppy and Adult Dog Obedience and Manners Training

Behavior Modification and Problem Solving

Reactive Dog Training

AKC Rally

Canine Strength & Conditioning Classes

An important addition to Deana’s certifications and curriculum is the Professional Canine Fitness Trainer Certification that she received in 2017 through the Fenzi Dog Sports Academy program.  When her German Shepard, Journey, began experiencing serious health issues in his life and needed rehab after numerous hip surgeries, Deana discovered she had a passion for canine fitness.  She now incorporates canine fitness into all her classes, knowing that a healthy dog is always eager to learn.


Deana has earned titles in AKC Obedience and Rally

Training Philosophy

Deana believes that training is one of the most important things you can do with your dog.  It is training that establishes communication and trust between a dog and its family that will continue through the dog’s life.  We communicate with our dog every day through our body language and actions.  Her goal is to help each family establish a clear and consistent language with their dog in a positive, force-free manner that will create a happy, rewarding, supportive environment for them all to live in.  While there is no true “easy” button for dog training, Deana has found that positive reward-based training is the most effective way to train puppies and adult dogs alike.  She blends operant training techniques (where the dog learns that his behavior controls the outcome) and classical conditioning (where the dog learns to associate events with specific responses).

Getting To Know The Trainer

Deana and her husband, George, started Paws for Companions Dog Training in 1998.  They reside in Illinois with their dogs Journey and Violet.  Journey is now 10 years old and enjoying the life of a retired Therapy Dog, while Violet is an energetic Yorkshire Terrier beginning her training.

In addition to teaching dog training and fitness classes, Deana also serves on the board of Noah’s Rest, Inc., a non-profit organization whose mission is to arrange temporary shelter for pets of domestic violence victims.  Noah’s Rest believes no one should be forced to choose between abandoning a beloved pet or staying in an abusive relationship.  For more information, or to get in contact with Noah’s Rest, please visit

Deana’s sensitivity to your dog’s personality, combined with her training experience and your family needs is a recipe for training success, leading to an opportunity for you and your dog to live happily-ever together.


Deana also offers Private Classes & Behavior Counseling

For more information or for questions on which class would be best for your pet, you can contact her directly by emailing