Walks. Playtimes. Pamper Times. Activity Training. As many as three times per day! All activities are done with a Pet Care Technician and no other pets unless instructed otherwise.

Paws at Play Group
Group playtime while your dog is lodging at Shel-Ray. All dogs must meet the requirements for group play and must have passed the Evaluation prior to arriving for lodging.
$20.00 each Half Day Session (AM only) – $24.00 each All Day Session (Paws @ Play Evaluation $25)

Recess for Dogs
Offlead play time with a Pet Care Assistant in our secure recess yards. Lots of toys and fun! Individual attention to special play needs. $9.00 each.

Nature Trail
Long walk on a 50-ft. Flexi leash on our heart-shaped trails. Recommended for high energy dogs who love the outdoors. $9.00 each.

Pamper Time
For dogs it includes a walk, petting, cuddling and individual (dogs & cats) attention from a Pet Care Assistant. For cats it includes a kitty recess, cuddling, and individual attention with a Pet Care Assistant. $9.00 each.

Nature Lover
Dogs get to explore everything nature has to offer with a Nature Trail and 2 Recess Times spread throughout the day. Just $24.00 each.

Did You Say Walk?
What dog wouldn’t want 3 walks a day? Tails are wagging for 2 Nature Trails and a Walk spread throughout the day. $24.00 each.

The Ultimate Day at Shel-Ray
Your dog will hike, cuddle and play all in one day! Indulge in a Nature Trail, Pamper Time and Recess spread throughout the day. $24.00 each.

P.B. or Pumpkin Kong
20 minutes with a peanut butter or pumpkin and treat-filled kong. We have all different types and sizes of Kongs to best suit your dog! $4.00 each.

For the dog that is used to home cooking or for the finicky eater we now offer a Bark N’ Brunch which consists of 2 eggs, 2 slices of bacon, hash browns, and a milkbone to help your dog start the day out right. Don’t forget “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day”!! Offered on Sundays for $4.99 each.

For dogs that are used to home cooking or for those that enjoy a nice meal we now offer Bark N’ Feast which consists of 3 large slices of turkey, gravy, stuffing, mashed potatoes and peas. Offered on Thanksgiving and Christmas for $7.99 each.

K-9 Cookout
Picnic for you dog includes:
Your choice of hot dog or hamburger grilled to perfection, American cheese, animal crackers and ice cream! Offered Memorial Day through Labor Day for $6.99 each.

Holiday Photo (All Pets)
1 – 4×6 print and email copy. Done in a Monthly Holiday theme.  $12.99 per pet.

Shel-Ray’s Fur Baby Boxes
Choose one of our Fur Baby boxes filled with toys & treats to keep your Fur Baby Happy Comfy while they are away from home!  Dog boxes come in 4 different sizes to fit your pet!  Happy Camper $30, Here’s to Chew $30, or Feline Frenzy $15.

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