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“I travel 1.5 hrs to get to Shel Ray, but its the place we feel is best for our dog Max.”
– Tom

“Tucker Always looks forward to coming to visit at Shel-Ray. Sometimes I think he would rather be there then home he gets so excited when he sees your building and can hardly wait to get inside. That tells me that he really like it there with you. And your whole staff including the grooming staff is wonderful and has the patience of the saints as sometimes Tucker can be a handful. Thank you all at Shel-Ray for taking such good care of my baby and Merry Christmas to you all!”
– Kathy

“It was Mickey’s first full grooming. I spent about 15 minutes speaking with and showing pictures of how I wished for him to be cut. Jeannie was patient with me and must have been listening with the intent to provide a perfect and beautiful cut. Mickey looks awesome. Exactly what I wanted.”
-Tammy R.

“Odie was there for grooming, and has an issue with his hair matting. He is a long haired Persian Cat who does not like us to brush his hind quarters. However, the groomer did an excellent job and Odie is free of mats with hair sleek and shiny as should be. We are very happy with the grooming at Shel Ray.”
– Sherry W.

“Shel-Ray could not possibly improve their facility or their services – they are more like an animal resort than a kennel with extremely loving and dedicated care givers!!”
-Debbie Y.

“Shel-Ray has been our doggie vacation and spa center for almost ten years and I wouldn’t consider anyplace else! We happily drive 30 minutes to Shel-Ray and pass five other kennels on the way that do not BEGIN to compare to the cleanliness, friendliness, safety and intense love of animals found at Shel-Ray!! The animals receive more loving attention than many pets get at their own homes!! Love to all at Shel-Ray, Murphy”
-Debbie Y.

“Friendly people, great customer service and my cat loves to visit them.”
-Christine G.

“The trainer & care givers are wonderful. I have a 3 year old black lab (Bosco) who has been going to Shel-Ray since he was about 7 or 8 months old. He goes to daycare twice a week. I started the daycare after having him there for training. When I started taking him there he stopped eating my house. Now it is just a normal part of life. Bosco enjoys going, and he actually knows the days that he goes. The trainers and groomers are just the best.”
-Becky E.

“Shel-Ray was first recommended by my vet in Burlington, WI, as I was having trouble finding a place that my dog liked or a place that liked my dog (high energy.) Each time I took her to other places, she came back looking like she was abused and would be sick for several days afterward. Admittedly, my dog (Australian cattle dog and pointer mix) can be a handful, so it is probable that she was not appreciated by her previous boarders. However, for the last several years I’ve been taking her to Shel-Ray, and she looks happy when I take her in and just as happy when I pick her up. She looks clean, healthy and well cared for. I’ve never had a negative experience there. I give them 5 out of 5 stars for sure. Thanks Shel-Ray!
-Tom P.

“Everyone there is passionate about what they do, they love animals, it is extremely clean there and they are so trustworthy. I would never take my pet anywhere else. I LOVE THEM!!!”
-Darlene M.

“The staff is excellent and my dog loves being there more than he loves being at home!”
-Carmen R.

“My dogs are my babies. We used to have a dog that didn’t do well being away from home. She would sometimes get aggressive. When we would try to take her places, she would refuse (at 110lbs. or muscle, it made things difficult). After her first visit at Shel-Ray, things seemed okay. When we went to bring here there the second time, she got to excited to see the place, that she almost jumped out of the car window! While being home is her favorite, she LOVED going to Shel-Ray!
-Amy H.

“I have been taking my dog to Shel-Ray Pet Shalet for about 7 years now and would take him nowhere else. The staff are very friendly, caring and professional, the place is kept clean, and they really care about the pets – and it shows. I would honestly not trust my dog with anyone else.”
-Jennifer D.

“Shel-Ray has excellent and knowledgeable staff who really care about the animals. They take a personal interest in each one and remember them by name. The facilities are extremely well kept. Shel-Ray also has designed special treats for the animals, esp. dogs who can have a special breakfast or turkey dinner or even a cookout meal. I have not found a better place to board my dog.”
-Carmella M.

“My husband and I have boarded our dogs at Shel-Ray for many years now. The staff is always friendly and accommodating, willing to go the extra mile. Our pets come home in good condition….happy, clean and (most important) healthy.”
-Deana N.

“I have been using Shel-Ray Pet Shalet for the past several years now to board by my 2 Scottish Terriers and my very grumpy male cat. The staff is always professional and caring and my pets are always well taken care of in my absence.”
-Renee I.

“They treat all 3 of my dogs like family, and know each of their names, personalities, and habits. Once my boxer had an upset stomach. They took her to her vet and she stayed with the owner until I returned from my trip. I don’t know that she would have received that personalized care anywhere else!”
-Tyson H.

“I have boarded my pets at Shel-Ray for 20+ years. Outstanding service and care. EXTREMELY clean, extremely sharp employees who absolutely love animals. I travel from Oconomowoc are to Bristol to give my extended family members the finest care. Shel-Ray definitely raises the bar on pet care!!”
-Dan B.

“ They are the best!! They have a lot of great activities for the animals when you board them, the people are friendly and they take great care of your pets. I have been taking my dog there for years and I have never had a bad experience. They have fantastic groomers that always do a great job. They also do great pet photos, very professional. I am very thankful that I live so close to such a great business.”
-Kellene S.

I just wanted to say thank-you for your concern and willingness to cover my recent vet. bill after the incident with Genuine recently. It truely shows your compassion and customer service that you called me as soon as this happened, you called again over the weekend to follow up. Your willingness to cover the entire bill just re enforces to me that the entire staff is committed to making sure your “pet clients” are handled with as much care as your own children. I feel safe and secure knowing that while things happen, my pet is safe with you. Again, thank-you and we will see you in September.
– Judy H. & Genuine”

Smokey is always happy to visit. I love the photos, its a great way to see the fun your furbaby is having.  The grooming is always tops.  He has a difficult time at the vets getting his nails trimmed, but always has an excellent report card from you.  I have recommended you to all my friend going on vacation or needing grooming.  Thank you for all you do!
– Julie R.”

My Umbrella Cockatoo parrot- Valentina has been using your lodging facility for several years. We have always been happy with the care provided. She is not the usual pet boarded here. We just wanted to take an opportunity to acknowledge the kindness of your staff after this stay. Valentina had a long stay this time. She ran out of her fresh fruit supply since she stayed for over 2 weeks. Your staff members were kind enough to buy/share some fruit with her. We were very appreciative as she is 29 yrs old, and spoiled when it comes to her diet. It was a very kind gesture and shows how much the staff really cares about the pets. Also in December 2018 during her last board- they took the cutest Christmas pictures of her and gave it to us. It is so hard emotionally to board a pet. Shel Ray makes the situation a little easier on us!!
– Judy I.”